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Hey there....

So the last I posted I was 125 lbs, my lowest I got to was only 124. That was in Feb? Well I ended up losing consciousness again, and was forced into some shit recovery effort. I ended gaining so much weight, got up to 147! That was in August... now I'm 137 and am trying to get back to where I was. My next goal is my old low 124 then my goal is to get to 120.

I got a used elliptical for my living room and if I get some income tax back in the spring I plan on getting a better one. I am now working out an hour a day of just cardio, that seemed to work the last time. I'm back to eating 600-900 calories a day before calculating what I burn at the gym.

Well, if anyone's out there, I hope you're all okay. :)

Well this is what I've become. Thanks to the half assed recovery attempt. LOL just noticed that my dog is behind me, :)
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